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We are Women Empowered

Jan 19, 2021

On this episode, Nikki talks to her mom, 83 year old Christine Zogorean who is a two time gold medal powerlifter, and her coach, 78 year old Patraic Currey who is a 9 Time World Champion Powerlifter and Christine’s powerlifting coach.  Christine shares how just a few years ago, she was suffering from spinal stenosis and could barely walk from her car to the grocery store, and after not having any success treating it with any medication, she went to see a physical therapist who ended up helping her restore strength to her body while ridding it of pain.  Once she was able to move again, she started going to the gym and found a personal trainer who helped her build up her strength and then she decided she wanted to try out powerlifting.  When she asked around for a coach, Patraic’s name was mentioned and she started working with him, eventually getting two gold medals in powerlifting and setting records herself.  Christine and Patraic discuss the mindset and mentality it takes to keep lifting heavier, and how important it is to not assume your age can keep you from doing anything, especially if you have a competitive spirit.  They talk about how movement is medicine, and to not be intimidated by someone else being able to do something you can’t, but to be inspired instead.

For more information on Patraic, check out his gym.  He coaches both young and mature athletes -