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We are Women Empowered

Mar 2, 2021

What does it mean to be accountable in every area of your life, and how does it affect your health and success?  
On this episode, Nikki and Priscilla discuss what personal accountability is and how implementing it can change so many areas of your life.  They talk first about how difficult accountability can be, because it can feel like being told we were wrong, and we always want to feel like we are doing the right thing.  They dive into how it can be an intimidating process because it can feel like you will lose parts of or all of your identity if you make major changes to how you approach things.  They discuss how in the realm of therapy, some people are overwhelmed by the idea of confronting the uncomfortable parts of their lives and convince themselves that it is more comfortable to lug their baggage around with them.  They talk about how much people fear change, but that the only way to peace is by taking accountability for your own thoughts, feelings and actions.