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We are Women Empowered

Oct 13, 2020

On this episode, Nikki and Priscilla discuss what it means to live life fully without fearing death.  After hearing Dr. Lara talk about how he came to terms with his mortality, Nikki and Priscilla wanted to dive into how to not be consumed by the fear of death.  They talk about how living life to the fullest means to be living fearlessly, so you don't want the inevitability of your mortality to keep you from enjoying life.  They discuss how we tend to keep topics like death away from our children, but that if we had open discussions with them about it, it may not be as painful and scary of a concept to them as they grow up.  Nikki shares how her diagnosis threw her mortality in her face and made her live life scared for a year and a half, but that once she faced it head on, she was able to live fully again.  They mention that some fears and feelings are generational, and that a fear of death or loss of control could come from fears passed onto us from our ancestors.

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