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We are Women Empowered

Apr 13, 2021

On this episode, Nikki talks to cancer survivor and author of Life-Saving Gratitude: How Gratitude Helped Me Beat Stage IV Cancer, Bunny Terry.  Bunny had searing pain in her side one day and went to the doctor to find out she had a 5cm tumor in her colon and a tumor almost the same size on her liver which had progressed to Stage IV cancer.  Her doctor told her he could write a letter that could help her cash out her life insurance benefits, and he could seal it so she didn't have to read her prognosis.  She and her daughter opened the envelope and saw the prognosis of 12 months to live.  She told her daughter they weren't sending out that letter to anyone, because it was not going to be true and that mindset set her on a path towards beating cancer.  Bunny shares how she started a practice of writing down things she was grateful for in the moment that she was grateful, and how rewiring her neuropathways for gratitude made her a survivor who beat her prognosis.
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