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We are Women Empowered

Apr 27, 2021

On this episode, Nikki and Priscilla talk to Haseena and Shameema Patel, sisters from South Africa who are co-founders of Leave No Girl Behind International and authors of Un-Stressed, Un-Limited & Un-Breakable: A guide to finding and reclaiming who you are in a brave new world.  Leave No Girl behind International is an organization founded by Haseena and Shameema to empower girls globally, affirm to girls and women their own strength, and inspire them to live up to their own potential.  They both work as empowerment coaches to intentionally empower girls at a grassroots level.  They share with Nikki how growing up during Apartheid was an experience that stripped them of their voices and made them forget who they were, so now they are intentional with asking themselves “Who am I and why am I making the decisions I’m making?”  They discuss the importance of also asking yourself “What am I doing right now because I CAN?  And who are the important people in my life?”  They explain the urgency of unapologetically being yourself, and Nikki shares how she realized that a deep love for self is what makes you exude a deep love of others.  

To learn more about the work Haseena and Shameema are doing, check out these sites -

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