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We are Women Empowered

Nov 10, 2020

On this episode, Nikki talks to newly married Priscilla Everhart about the work she does in her company Live Boldly centered around the triangle of health.  Priscilla shares the triangle of health, or the three most important pillars of health.  She talks about the importance of our biochemical health (the food you eat and any supplements you take), structural health (physical movement) and spiritual health (your emotions and how you are feeling) and how all three of these work together to determine your overall health.  She discusses how she helps her clients take care of each area of their life, and how through her Zoom calls or phone calls, she actively listens to her clients and can pick up on areas of their life that they may be neglecting.  Nikki talks about how her emotional energy that she's ignoring sometimes ends up stored in her body, and Priscilla shares how she helped Nikki understand her recent shoulder pain as an emotional pain.  Priscilla shares how she named her company Live Boldly because she does think the boldest thing her clients do is take responsibility for their lives and work to overcome the things holding them back.

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Priscilla Everhart
Alternative and Holistic Health Services