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We are Women Empowered

Nov 23, 2021

On this episode, Nikki talks to a previous guest of the show, Lisa Everett Andersen, pharmacist and certified clinical nutritionist.  Lisa has a compounding pharmacy practice where she creates custom prescriptions for clients that address the specific needs or imbalances in their bodies.  Recently, the FDA has wanted to eradicate compounding pharmacies' ability to produce certain therapies, including bioidentical hormone therapy.  Lisa explains all of the many ways compounding pharmacies help improve people's health, and why it would be so detrimental for those people to lose access to this form of medication. 

If you are interested in helping protect pharmacy compounding, go to:
Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding
To get a copy of Lisa's book, go to
Lisa's Book - "Learning to Thrive in a Toxic World"
To learn more about Lisa, go to
Lisa Everett Andersen
Holistic Clinical Pharmacist and Clinical Nutritionist